Phillips Edison & Co

Corporate University

The Opportunity

Phillips Edison & Company (a major retail shopping center owner, developer, manager and leasing agent) wanted to develop a Corporate University that would address the comprehensive training needs of the organization. The desire was to identify competencies needed for all of the positions and then to develop customized training for orienting new employees and on-the-job learning activities (OJLAs) for the day-to-day technical and operational tasks and activities. Management and employee “soft skills” programs were also to be part of the overall “learning library.”

The Solution

Communiqué developed the focus group questions, facilitated the initial focus group and coached others on the training team to rollout the focus groups in other locations. The information obtained was used to develop competencies and a comprehensive training program plan for the organization. Then, working with internal subject matter experts (SMEs), Communiqué introduced an OJLA template and trained client team members to implement and manage the development process associated with technical development. Coaching and mentoring were provided to ensure ongoing development and delivery of feedback for improving SME training facilitation.

“The adaptation of the Orientation Classroom training to a learner-centered and activities-based format and approach has significantly increased the satisfaction and preparation of those new to the organization helping to equip them to contribute more quickly in terms of results and performance.” — Human Resources Development Executive

The Result

A comprehensive training plan was developed that promoted Communiqué’s learner-centered and activities-based approach to learning as well as high-quality development and facilitation standards. Competencies, priorities and development templates all resulted in skill development and increased engagement on the part of the internal SMEs. The SMEs learned to develop their own OJLAs, learned to facilitate the learning among their peers, and increased their confidence and felt more valued because the organization was entrusting them with important work that would have long-term positive and productive impacts on the success of the organization. Developing individuals and teams to succeed, and getting people up-to-speed more quickly, cross-training and establishing performance standards all resulted from the Corporate University initiative.