The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Knowledge Capture and Succession

The Opportunity

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati was facing a loss of knowledge and experience when the City of Cincinnati offered an Early Retirement Incentive Program. Over 90 employees were eligible to take the package, and the Department needed to capture their knowledge before they left.

The Solution

Communiqué interviewed employees representative of all the Divisions as well as all of the employee levels including Superintendents. A job aid format was used for organizing the information, detailing step-by-step procedures and for sharing and linking associated information and other documents. These serve not only as coaching tools for new hires, transfers and those involved in cross-training, but also as quick references in circumstances where reviews and refreshers are beneficial.

“I’ve worked here for almost 30 years, and this is the first time anyone has asked me how I would describe the value I bring to the organization.”
—— Wastewater Collection Civil Engineering Technician

“I can’t believe that with as complex as this regulatory reporting is that you not only grasped the details, but that you were able to put it into a written form that makes sense and will actually work for anyone else assigned the responsibility.”
—— Office of the Director Supervising Management Analyst

The Results

Critical information is available to facilitate learning and productivity within a context that gives each employee a purpose and value. There is complete transparency with all of the documents residing on a Share site. Employees can review their roles and responsibilities as well as explore opportunities for what would be necessary for another position or role within the organization if they are qualified and eligible to be considered. The job aids contribute to getting new team members up-to-speed more efficiently, and the employees have access to the information they need to be successful and to contribute to the success of the organization in a shorter timeframe than what otherwise would be possible.