TriHealth, Inc.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Opportunity

In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, TriHealth Inc (a Cincinnati-based healthcare organization) needed to not only meet the needs of a diverse community, but also attract, hire and retain diverse employees who represent the variety in the population served. The desire was to develop training for in-house trainers, then for executives, directors and management, and then for frontline employees.

“Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Diversity Training session at Good Samaritan Hospital. I would like for you to know that was one of the best and most inspirational educational sessions I have attended in my 25 years at this hospital. I could not believe how fast the time passed and how excellent the speaker was. I hope that everyone in TriHealth will have the chance to participate in the program.” — RN, CIC

The Solution

Communiqué conducted focus groups and assisted in the development of a business case describing the need for organizational transformation surrounding diversity and inclusion. We developed a custom 16-hour train-the-trainer intended not only to prepare facilitators to rollout the diversity training, but also with the intention for them to become “change agents” in moving the organization forward to ensure its future relevancy and success.

As a follow-up to the classroom training, Communiqué provided training and worked with team members to develop essential tools for ensuring diversity in hiring and accountability associated with retention once diverse employees are “on board.”

“I commit to become more open-minded towards others and their situations. I will constantly challenge my first impressions and actively try to see beyond any biases I may carry and strive to accept others and their beliefs.” — Resident Physician

The Result

Truly embracing diversity ensures that TriHealth attracts the best candidates, hires those who are qualified and representative of a diverse community and then increases retention. Diversity makes the organization, among other things, more relevant, more responsive, more creative, more representative and more competitive in today’s marketplace.

“To look past the first impression and look at all the values a person possesses and brings to the team.” — Nursing Supervisor