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With this process, teams have been 86% to 94% more effective in actually executing successfully on their initiatives.

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Employee Engagement

1Success in today’s business environment is dependent on teams working at their collective best. But teams don’t always succeed without guidance. Discover Powerful Secrets to Employee Engagement.

World-Class Teamwork

2Developing high-performing teams and avoiding the pitfalls of unproductive time remains a challenge for many organizations. Do you know the Ten Must-Haves for Creating World-Class Teams?

Performance Management

3Effective performance management helps avoid a slew of individual, team and organizational problems. Learn our Proven Methodology for Effective Performance Management.

Transformational Leadership

4Leadership development at all levels in the organization is one of the critical factors for success in this century. Let us share 3 Facts You Must Know About Creating Transformational Leaders.

Knowledge Management

5How do organizations capture and manage knowledge today? Read 9 Keys to Capturing and Managing Your Organization’s Knowledge.


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Case Studies

TriHealth, Inc.

Diversity and Inclusion

Communiqué developed a train-the-trainer program to create leaders and change agents in the organization and help TriHealth attract, hire and retain a diverse workforce.

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The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

Knowledge Capture and Succession

With over 90 employees eligible for an early retirement package, MSD needed to capture their knowledge before they left.

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Phillips Edison & Co

Corporate University

With our help, Phillips Edison created a Corporate University to identify competencies for all positions and develop customized training.

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